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RGP Trans vehicles

All measurements and sizes below are for guideline only
and may vary from a manufacturer to another.

Small Van Courier

Payload (Kg): 300kg - 500kg

Dimensions 1.40m (L) x 1.20m (W) x 1.20m (H)

Body Cube (cbm): 2.95
Standard Pallet
Euro Pallet 1

SWB Van Courier

Payload (Kg): 600 - 900kg

Dimensions 2.40m (L) x 1.70m (W) x 1.40m (H)

Body Cube (cbm): 5.70

Standard Pallets 2

Euro Pallets 2

LWB Van Courier

Payload (Kg): 900 - 1400kg

Dimensions 3.30m (L) x 1.70m (W) x 1.50m (H)

Body Cube (cbm): 11.44

Standard Pallets 3

Euro Pallets 4

XLWB Van Courier

Payload (Kg): 900 - 1400kg

Dimensions 4.00m (L) x 1.70m (W) x 1.80m (H)

Body Cube (cbm): 13.79

Standard Pallets 4

Euro Pallets 5